Journey to the Fallen Skies (Taug Lis Yeev Mus Qab Ntuj)

DVD, Hmong
82 Minutes
Starred by Wa Yang, Khais Vaj and Dib Thoj

After being diagnosed with a terminal illness, Leng (Wa Yang), a Hmong-American man, returns to Laos to pay tribute to his late father, whom he never knew. Upon arriving in a small Hmong village, however, Leng's health rapidly deteriorates.

Under the care of Joua Pao (Khais Vaj), Leng begins the gradual process of healing. Leng is also befriended by Gao Hlee (Dib Thoj), a young woman who helps him gain new insights into his journey. Meanwhile, Leng must try to make sense of the myterious encounters with a dark figure.