Taug Txoj Lw Ntshav, Daim 3: Tsab Xyooj Mem Coj Hmoob Tua Suav

Produced by Yuepheng Xiong, this video is his third documentary of the history of the Hmong in China. "Taug Txoj Lw Ntshav" means tracing the trail of blood. This documentary covers in details the Hmong rebellion against Qing Dynasty in Guizhou Province led by General Zhang Xiumei, 1853 to 1872. 

In this video, you will see Hmong villages and battle sites in Guizhou Province, Hmong cave village in Ziyun (the last cave village in China), Hmong Chinese historian Wu Rongzhen, and more. 

Please also see our first and second volumes of the Taug Txoj Lw Ntshav series. This documentary is also available in VHS format.