Imperfect Paradise

Paperback, 538 pages, 5.5x8, English
by Shen Congwen and edited by Jeffrey Kinkley
ISBN: 0-8248-1715-X
“As the century nears its end, only a handful among [China’s writers] can be clearly seen to have had a creative center so strong that they could overcome ... challenges, forging a unified and enduring body of truly rich and original work. Among them is Shen Congwen.” —New York Times Book Review“
Shen Congwen ... will forever stand out as one of the greatest—if not THE greatest—among Chinese writers of the twentieth century. With this volume, Jeffrey Kinkley and his collaborators ... have paid a handsome and well-deserved tribute to the memory of a man whose literary works reflect his personal integrity, strength of character, and firmness in adversity.” —N.G.D. Malmqvist, Stockholm University 
“Imperfect Paradise is a potent collection: you could read it for a richly textured portrait of China in the first half of the twentieth century or you could read it for some of the finest short stories you will find anywhere.” —Danny Yee,
“Students of modern Chinese literature and the scholarly community of Chinese studies in the English-speaking world will come to appreciate the excellent service this volume has done to the field and to its pedagogical needs.” —China Review International, Spring 1997
The most comprehensive and authoritative representation in English of the remarkable Shen Congwen canon, ranging from the polished stories that made him a serious contender for the Nobel literary prize in the 1980s to lesser known, extravagant experimental pieces.
Shen Congwen is a Hmong of Hunan Province. This book is strongly recommended for young Hmong writers.