A Clan of Our Own: Coming Out Experiences of Gay Hmong Men

Paperback, 176 pages, 6x9, English
By: Dr. Brian V. Xiong

ISBN: 978-1-64410-007-3

A CLAN OF OUR OWN is a labor of the author's passion to discover the coming out experiences and stories of gay Hmong men with the hope that it will provide insight to help Hmong parents better understand their gay sons or clan members.

The collection of stories in “A Clan of Our Own” shed greater light on the experiences of gay Hmong men, their coming out experiences, and the struggles they face daily in their lives. It was written with the hope that both mainstream and Hmong communities are better equipped to assist and understand the strengths and needs of this minority group within a minority.

DR. BRIAN V. XIONG is a Hmong scholar and researcher. His research covers a wide variety of multidisciplinary studies, including Multicultural, Race & Ethnic Studies; Gender & Sexuality Studies, Critical Hmong Studies, and Diversity & Inclusion in Higher Education. His research is especially focused on LGBTQ Hmong and Hmong American Experiences. Dr. Xiong is a former Page, Wallin, Cornwell scholar and a former professor of race and ethnic studies, chief diversity officer, and director of affirmative action & equal opportunity.