Emerging Voices: Experiences of Underrepresented Asian Americans

Paperback, 265 pages, 6x9, English
by Huping Ling
ISBN: 978-0-8135-4342-0
As the field of Asian American studies grows, there is a need to understand smaller and more recent immigrant communities. Emerging Voices presents a unique and compelling discussion of underrepresented groups, including Burmese, Indonesian, Mong, Hmong, Nepalese, Romani, Tibetan, and Thai Americans.
In this book, there are three chapters about Hmong Americans written by Paoze Thao, Chimeng Yang, and Kou Yang. 


This book, which begins to understand the experiences of 'underrepresented' minorities, is long overdue. Emerging Voices meets an important need and fills a significant gap in the field of Asian American studies.
(Yong Chen author of Chinese San Francisco 1850-1943: A Trans-Pacific Community )

A unique project that broadens our understanding of diversity and promises to bring new Asian American groups into focus in a valuable way.
(George Anthony Peffer, editor of the Journal of Asian American Studies )

About the Author

Huping Ling is a professor of history at Truman State University and the author of Chinese St. Louis: From Enclave to Cultural Community.