Husi: A Clouded Future is Still Translucent

Paperback, 146 pages, 5.5x8.5, English
by Y. Jenny Lo
ISBN: 978-1-4327-2037-7
As a child, Husi witnesses the horrible death of her beloved family. Her world is shattered and gone, leaving her with nothing but her name. Destiny, however guides her to be adopted into a new family, and with their love and help, Husi manages to rise above all the circumstances. Transformed from a scared and traumatized little girl to a beautiful and strong young woman, Husi learns how to forgive and to love. Though the years Husi finds and loses love, and experiences life in a different world. Torn between two worlds, she must decide between a distant world and one right before her eyes; one that promises new life, new hope and new love. Here is the exciting story of one woman's triumphant yet bittersweet journey of the heart. Before she can move on, Husi must allow change to pass through, for a clouded future is still translucent.