Pom Ces Hais

DVD, Hmong and English
by MN Dept of Public Health
15 Minutes

Pom Ces Hais is a skill building video that targets Hmong speaking community members who want to be able to communicate effectively with a child, loved one or friend about dangerous or nhealthy behavior. Learning the key principles of Pom Ces Hais provides concerned individuals the ability to open the doors of communication with those that are in need. By emphasizing important cultural and family assets within the Hmong community, Pom Ces Hais goes one step up in providing the skills needed to reach out and protect children, loved ones and friends from alcohol, tobacco and other drug (ATOD) risk factors or other risky health behaviors. In this video, Hmong family members with different circumstances gain the courage to apply the necessary communication skills in addressing ATOD issues with their youth and loved ones. This video teaches the Pom Ces Hais six-step process while the families are experiencing their emotions, and guides them to maintain their family goals and aspirations. Pom Ces Hais is a part of a series of “See It, Say It” videos that is also available in English and Spanish. 

Pom Ces Hais yog ib daim yeeb yaj kiab (video) uas yuav pab qhia cov niam cov txiv thiab cov kwv tij Hmoob kom txawj noog los yog nrog tej tub tej ntxhais, tej kwv tij, thiab tej phooj ywg sib tham txog yam uas lawv tau ua tsis zoo thiab tsis yog, thiab yam uas yuav ua phem thiab ua mob rau lawv tus kheej. Yog nej paub txog txoj kev sib noog sib tham ntawm Pom Ces Hais, nej yuav pom qab pab lawv thiab. Yog nej paub yam twg yog yam tseem ceeb ces Pom Ces Hais yuav pab qhia kom nej paub noog thiab txawj nrog nej tus txheeb ze los yog tus phooj ywg sib tham txog tej yam kev phem kev tsis zoo xwv li haus dej caw, haus luam yeeb, haus tshuaj, thiab kev ua phem ua mob rau nws tus kheej. Nyob rau hauv daim yeeb yaj kiab no, nej yuav tau pom txog cov niam cov txiv thiab cov kwv tij yuav sib noog li cas los yog nrog lawv tus txheeb ze los tus phooj ywg sib tham li cas txog yam nws tau ua tsis zoo ntawd. Daim yeeb yaj kiab no yuav qhia txog rau (6) qe ntawm txoj kev sib noog sib tham ntawm Pom Ces Hais kom cov niam cov txiv thiab cov kwv tij thiaj li txawj tswj lawv tus kheej thiab ua siab ntev ua tib zoo sib hais thiaj li yuav sib haum, sib tau taub, thiab sib hlub. Pom Ces Hais yog ib qho kev qhuab qhia los ntawm cov yeeb yaj kiab “See It, Say It” uas muaj ua lus Amika (English) thiab lus Mev (Spanish).


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