Practical Thai Conversation, Vol. 1

DVD with book
by Benjawan Poomsan Becker
ISBN: 1-887521-47-X

This new media for learning Thai comes with a booklet and a DVD (good for all regional codes). There are ten scenes. Each scene is divided into two parts. The first part is spoken at natural speed and the second part is spoken slowly so you can hear each word clearly. For the second part you can choose English, Thai or phonetic subtitles. You will enjoy watching and listening to this program and learn the Thai language in a way you have never done before. Use it on your TV, desktop or laptop. The course is straight forward, easy to follow and compact. A must-have for all Thai learners! A 45-minute DVD disc and a 65-page booklet (4.8" x 7.1") included.

This DVD helps you to:
  • speak Thai with more confidence in realistic situations
  • enhance your Thai listening and speaking skills
  • review your knowledge of spoken Thai
  • study the Thai language in a more fun and interesting way
  • use the language immediately