The Bird and the Sun and Other Karen Folktales

Paperback, 78 pages, 5.5x8.5, English
Spiral binding
by Ahmay Ya and David Zander

This is a book of 12 folktales of the Karen people. It also contains five Karen personal stories.


Animal Tales
  • The Bird and the Sun
  • The Bat in War
  • Lion and Rabbit

Fairy Tales & Magic

  • The Old Woman and the Turtle Boy
  • The Karen Bachelor and the Monkeys
  • A Tale of Two Orphans
  • Ma Haw the Tar, the Karen Wise Man
  • A Daughter Who Disobeyed Her Parents
  • The Stag and the Hunter

Karen Buddhist Wisdom Stories

  • The Two Leaders
  • The Bird and the Elephants
  • The Monkey Who Wanted to Take Care of His Parents

Karen Personal Stories

  • Ta Bone
  • Mahn Zaw Mine
  • Ko Nay Oo
  • Pa Hi Taw
  • Kyaw Kyaw Lwin

A Bried Note on the Karen