The H Project

CD, Hmong and English
by The H Project

16 songs mostly about the suffering of the Hmong Laos and Thailand. They are:Peb Yog Hmoob by Karma; War Don't End by Power Struggle; Root of My Mother's Life by Victoria Vang; Fallen by Transitlife; Pitiful Amnesty by Fire; I Wish I Was An Angel by Yangmee Lor; Third World Poetry by Ill Eco Aliens; Voice of Sorrow by New Breed; War on the Inside by Ecnelis; No More by P.H. Oice; Lost in Time by Creatshinn; Watch Over Me by Watching Leona; Heaven by 7th Day Rest; Voices of a Forgotten History by Jon Thao; Peb Haiv by Shattered Echoz; and 30 Year Secret by Delicious Venom