The Sound of Qeej

Paperback, 169 pages, 6x9, 2020
Written by Houa Lor

Front cover illustrated by Houa Vang
ISBN: 978-1-64410-012-7

Gao Mee Vang has known enough pain and suffering to last multiple lifetimes. Following the Secret War, she is uprooted from her village and hunted by communist Lao soldiers. Determined to write her own destiny, Gao Mee escapes into the jungles to find freedom and safety with her beloved Hue. When she is confronted at the edge of the Mekong River, Gao Mee’s world comes crashing down, and the only thing that gives her solace is the tranquil drone of the QEEJas she carves out a new life.

Houa Lor was born in Thailand and raised in the U.S. Among writing, her passions include reading, photography, and filmmaking. Lor is the Founder of Houa Production, a film company in Minnesota, targeting modern Hmong films; her first release "Tuag Los Tseg" premiered at Carmike Theater. She is a mother of six children and wife to Ko Vang.