Traditional Hmong Marriage Ceremony Values

Paperback, 164 pages, 5.5x8.2, English
by Choua Mouavangsou
ISBN: 978-1-55605-400-6


Dr. Choua Mouavangsou has written a powerful analysis of change within the Hmong culture from an organizational development framework. Analyzing the Hmong marriage practices of half-generation (.5ers), Dr. Mouavangsou is able to capture the extent of change, acculturation, and assimilation of Hmongs to American Society. --Professor Juan C. Garcia, PhD

Dr. Choua Mousvangsou presents a detailed exploration and analysis of the impact of traditional Hmong Marriage Ceremonies and its influence on the life and development that the Hmong experience as they continue their evolving life s journey through different countries and cultures around the world. This is her story and between each line of her story of pain and glory, one can feel her determination to change and grow as well as cling to her individual identity. The bottom line of this book and its most enduring lesson is about identity. Standing out and shining clearly is Dr. Mouavangsou s message that who and what we are as individuals, as a community, as a society, and as a nation, are the strengths and weaknesses with which we face and live life. And, what we contribute to the identity of the whole begins with each of us and our individual cultural influences. --Professor Larry B. Anders, PhD 

Product Description

This book by Dr. Mouavangsou is a study of the Hmong culture and their traditional marriage ceremony values as they acculturate to the American society. It provides insightful perspectives to the changes that have occurred since they migrated to the United States.