Hmong Women Write Now: An Anthology of Creative Writing and Visual Artwork by Hmong Women and Girls

Paperback, 6x9, 102 pages
by Hnub Tshiab

Table of Contents:

1. Thoughts Sunset
2. Not
3. Birth of an Artist; What is Fair?; Fly
4. Nuj Yob
5. Large Feet
6. My Mother's Lips; Society's Mannequin; Ode to the Hmong People
7. Cross-Strict Cloth; Mother Hands; Mother-in-Law
8. A Star Fallen
9. My Relationship with Alcohol Scissors
10. Hunger; Dear My Dad's Penis
11. Monster Me; Bat Her Up; Desert Storms
12. Untitled; Not on Father's Day
13. The Prayers; We Are Women; The Distance
14. Yellowtail Sashimi
15. Eternal Life