English-Hmong/Hmong-English Dictionary: Pocket Reference, 3rd Edition

Paperback, 569 pages, 3.5"x5.25"
by Yuepheng L. Xiong
ISBN: 0-9723624-2-8

Third Edition! This is the most recent, comprehensive, precise, and preferred English-Hmong/Hmong-English Dictionary. A larger version of 6"x9" of this dictionary is also available for those who could not read small text. 
In this dictionary:

• Over 40, 000 English to Hmong entries
• Over 15,000 Hmong to English entries
• Lots of medical entries
• Hmong writing, grammar, and punctuation
• Measurement units
• Most common Hmong names
• Hmong clan names
• Hmong family and kinship
• Traditional Hmong work cycle throughout the year
• Abbreciations