Myths, Legends & Folk Tales From the Hmong of Laos (Dab Neeg Hmoob)

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Paperback, 520 pages, 8.5x11, bilingual
by Charles Johnson and Se Yang

This BIG book of Hmong folk tales is available again, only at Hmongland  and Hmong ABC. Written bilingually in English and Hmong, this book contains 28 most well known Hmong folk tales such as The Beginning of the World (How We Got Grain and Meat), The Beginning of the World (The Sun and the Moon), Yao the Orphan, The First Farmer (Why Farmers Have to Carry Their Crops), The Woman and the Tiger, Ngao Njua and Shee Na (the Story of the Plain of Jars), The Monkeys and the Grasshoppers (from Nchia and Ncho), Shao and His Fire, The Orphan and Nia Ngao Zhua Pa, The Woodcutter, His Rooster and His Wife, The Flood (Hmong Family Names), and many more.

It also provides an introduction chapter on the Hmong, their history, culture, and folklores. 
"Current and Very Choice" (highest category) - The Cellar Bookstore, Detroit.
"Of considerable value to users of our collection." - Cornell University Libraries
"A prime resource for persons studying the Hmong language." - Jeanne Blake (Tsab Mim)
"A masterpiece . . . I strongly urge my fellow Hmong and people of other nationalities to read this work with the greatest possible interest." - Yang Dao
"The best work I have seen in English on Hmong folklore, researched and translated exactly in the spirit and the manner that a work of this kind should be done." - Father Yves Bertrais
"an excellent work . . . an invaluable addition to media centers in all our schools." -Wendy Weimer; LEP Program Coordinator; Minneapolis Public Schools
"Most useful . . . a significant contribution to our understanding of Hmong folklore and its new place in American ethnic life. Johnson's explanatory notes are . . . a rich resource, evidence of his painstaking research and scholarly integrity." -Willard Moore, Journal of American Folklore
"Action packed, violent, bawdy and humorous . . . fascinating detail on aspects of tradtional Hmong life in Laos." -Ruth Hammond, St. Paul Pioneer Press
"A wonderful contribution to both Hmong and American cultures as we struggle to live together with greater understanding." -Thomas Scarseth, English Department, University of Wisconsin - La Crosse
"Your book made me feel 'Hmong' again." -Paj Victoria Lauj, U of WI - Madison
"I've been waiting for something like this to appear. It will bring joy to the Hmong people." -Bee Her, Stockton, CA