A New Journey: Hmong College Student Experiences

Paperback, 213 pages, 6x9, 2020
Edited & Written by: Mai Xee Vang & Dr. Brian V. Xiong

ISBN: 978-1-64410-008-0

These collected stories by 24 Hmong college student writers, from undergraduate to graduate and doctoral, are a refreshing mix of voices that reflect the many joys, challenges, struggles and sacrifices of being Hmong students in a new education world. This is a remarkable and diverse collection of experiences and is one of the first titles of its kind to provide insight into the facets of being Hmong and enrolled in higher education. A NEW JOURNEY is great for current college and prospective college students, teachers, and parents.

Contributions by Pagnia Xiong, Kabo Yang, Bla Yang, Sabrina Yang, John Yang, Ming Lee, Yer Lee, Crystal Yang, Carol Kiab Vaj, Ka Vue, Angel Vang, James Vang, Doua Kha, Andrew C. Her, Hue Ye A Thill Lee, Kou Yang, Jenny Yang, Song Lee Moua, Bert Lee, Eric Yang, Pang Yang, Tou Yang, Tsua Xiong, and Kabao Yang.