From Earth to Elite: The Memoir of Dr. Serge Lee

Hardcover, 280 pages, 6.5x9.5, English
by Serge Lee
ISBN: 978-1-5289372-9-0

From Earth to Elite: The Memoir of Dr. Serge Lee is about the life of a poor peasantry child that was born to an opiate-addicted and extremely low class family in the former, tiny, landlocked Laotian Kingdom. In the early days, his family could not afford him the taste of candies, bread, or even a pair of undergarment until the age of 14. He didn't even know that winter clothes existed. Instead, his daily food diet consisted of chilli, ginger, a sprinkle of salt, and heated rocks as warming sources. The book is a powerful memoir of change and restoration. Through the calamities of war and national racism and the evils of their own agrarian culture, at age seven onward, the author created opportunities and life path courses that were significantly differencing from his childhood peers. Similarly, after arriving as a political refugee to the United States at 18, he again set a very different life course for himself. His resettlement goal was to become an average naturalized US citizen. After 43 years as a US resident, his scholastic achievements reached beyond being an average naturalized American citizen. In turn, his scholastic accolades become a must-learn models for immigrants and refugees not only to the United States, but worldwide. The memoir illustrates when the life of an immigrant or a refugee hangs on a thread, how one can advance oneself through the richness resources of the host country. It also illustrates how one can empower oneself through the experiences of prejudice and discrimination.