An Annotated Bibiography of Hmong-Related Works: 2007-2019

Paperback, 314 pages, 6x9, 2020
Written by: Dr. Mark E. Pfeifer

ISBN: 978-1-64410-021-9

The 2007-2019 Bibliography shows the continued development of the Hmong Studies field. Over the past 12 years, major expanding areas of research have included transnationalism, race relations and discrimination (particularly in the education and media sectors), educational achievement, acculturation, gender roles and community politics. It is hoped that this bibliography will prove useful as not only in reference work but also as a source of information dissemination about the wide range of available Hmong-related research and resources for those working not only in Hmong Studies, but also Asian American Studies, Asian Studies, Ethnic Studies and other fields including Multicultural Health and Multicultural Education. 

Mark Pfeifer has worked for Hmong Cultural Center in Saint Paul since 2000 and served as editor of the peer-reviewed Hmong Studies Journal since 2002. At the Hmong Cultural Center, he developed the Hmong Resource Center library, an extensive collection of Hmong-related academic works. He has also been involved in recent years in building the Hmong Cultural Center Museum. Mark Pfeifer holds a bachelor’s degree in Urban Affairs from Marquette University in Milwaukee, an M.A. in Urban Studies from Temple University in Philadelphia, an M.S. in Library Science from the University of North Texas and a PhD in Social and Urban Geography from the University of Toronto.