The Living Legacy of the Hmong Houa Phanh Leaders, 1919-2019

Hardcover, 8.5x11, 237 pages, English
by Xeng Xaychu Yang and Khoua C. Sayaxang Lee
ISBN: 9780578815787

Contents include:

  • History of Hmong Houa Phanh
  • French colonial era in Laos
  • Involvement in CIA operation
  • Fall of Phou Pha Thi
  • Refugee resettlement in Xieng Khouang province
  • Hmong refugee movement in 1975
  • Seeing new life in Third Country
  • Hmong Houa Phanh reunion event
  • Photos of many Hmong Houa Phanh, and
  • Living legacy of war