China's West: Qinghai Province, The Ningxia and Hui Autonomous Region

DVD, English
60 Minutes
ISBN: 978-7-88746-128-5

The province of Qinghai is a remote region of north-west China with a population of about five million.

Although it has areas of industry around its major population centres - notably the capital Xining - most people make their living in agriculture.

Goat tracks are a more common sight than major highways, however, the Lanzhou-Qinghai and Qinghai-Tibet railway lines run through the province.

Qinghai borders the Xinjiang region to the north-west and Tibet on its south-west and much of the province is desert.

The Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, which is called Ning for short, is located in northwest China, on the upper reaches of the Yellow River. One of China's five autonomous regions inhabited by the minority groups, it borders Shaanxi Province in the east, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in the north, and Gansu Province in the south.