Art & Religion in Our Living Culture

Paperback, 6x9
by Paj Ntaub Voice

This is book of poem, poetry and short stories written by young Hmong writters.Prose:Identity by Dia Lor; My Religion by SKY; Aunt Lao by May Doua Vang; One Spiritual Journey by Pacyinz LyfoungPoetry:Curiosity by May Pahou Ly; Distant by Donna Yang; White Water by Va Kou Xiong; The Temples by Bryan Thao Worra; The Spirit Catches You and You Get Body Slammed by Bryan Thao Worra; Generation After Generation by Tou Saiko Lee; Serenity Abandoned by Vayong Moua; Blindfold by See Vang; Alone by See Vang; The Number Game by Ka Vang; History's Game by Bryan Thao Worra; Undiscovered Country by Ka Vang; Second Wind by Soul Choj Vang; and Venereal Mind by Ka VangVisual Arts by Leng Xiong