Hmong Refugees in the New World: Culture, Community and Opportunity

Paperback, 461 pages, 7x10, English
by Christopher Thao Vang
ISBN: 978-1-4766-6216-9

Almost no one in the West had heard of the Hmong before National Geographic ran a cover story on the Southeast Asian ethnic group that had allied with the United States in the Vietnam War, and few knew of them before their arrival in the U.S. and other Western nations in 1975. Originating in China centuries ago, they have been known by various names—Miao, Meo, Miaozi, Meng or San Miao—some of them derogatory. The Hmong in the West are war-displaced refugees from China and Laos, though they have been misidentified as belonging to other ethnic groups. This mislabeling has caused confusion about the Hmong and their history. This book details the history of the Hmong and their journey from Eastern to Western countries, providing a clear understanding of an immigrant culture little understood by the American public.