Nkauj Nog: Hmoob Tus Ntxhais Ntsuag

Hardcover, 46 pages, 10x7, bilingual
by Maiker Vang-Vue, Wei Zifeng, Pa Kou Vang, Choua Moua, and Ker Vang
ISBN: 978-1-733-140-300

Written in four languages, Gao Naw (Nkauj Nog) the Hmong Orphan Girl, a Hmong folktale, told about a wicked stepmother and a jealous stepsister Dheng (Nrhee) who kept her enslaved as a farm girl in an isolated field in the jungle. Gao Naw stood no chance of attending the Hmong New Year Celebration of the year. When her fairy magical mother provided a great set of flowery clothing (khaub ncaws paj ntaub) for her, she was able to transform her reality into the most beautiful girl in the region, a dream came true. She went to the new year event and enchanted the handsome Shee Nah (Sis Nab) who was the son of the township leader. They had a happy life ever after.