Nuj Yob: The Hmong Jungle Book

Paperback, 31 pages, 7x10, English
By: Dr. Kou Yang

ISBN: 978-1-64410-006-6

Nuj Yob is the only survivor of a deadly disease that’s left him without a mother, a father, or a family. Or so he thinks...He is eventually adopted by a kindly farm pig, but knows he will outlive his foster-mother. On her deathbed, Nuj Yob hears rumors that his brave uncle had not died, but in fact, had transformed into a tiger. Armed with this knowledge, Nuj Yob begins an adventure to seek out his ferocious Tiger Uncle and learns the true meaning behind love, family, and how to be a human. This rich fairy tale, traditionally shared through oral, Hmong storytelling, is finally transcribed and recorded by Dr. Kou Yang. With lush and colorful illustrations by Yinkong Vue, Nuj Yob: The Hmong Jungle Book is a welcome addition to any collection of Hmong Children’s Literature.