The Home We Built on 46th St

Paperback, 90 pages, 6x9, 2021
Written by: Kia Vang

ISBN: 978-1-64410-016-5

This book of prose and original artwork tells the story of memories, love, and above all else, the sacrifices Hmong parents made for their children. The title is an allusion to the author’s childhood growing up in an impoverished community in Milwaukee. Ultimately this book speaks to the home her parents, and many other immigrant parents before them, built for their family in search of success and comfort in America. The perspectives of the stories change, and, as the book goes on, the format changes along with deep themes of culture clash, social belonging, and critical immigrant experiences.

Kia Vang was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in a poor Hmong American household. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelor of Arts in English Creative Writing. Before that, she attended the public school system and grew up on 46th and North Avenue where she spent her childhood. From a young age, she has been writing and excelled in English as a result of her immigrant family background.