The Red Coat

Hardcover, 34 pages, 11.25X8.75, English
by Mona Yang and Katarzyna Kokot
ISBN: 978-1643436098

"You are not like everyone else."

In a village where everyone looks the same, a little girl is born a bit different. Her mother rushes to protect her from the people in the village, afraid of what they might say. She wraps her daughter in a beautiful red coat with a large hood and tells her to never take it off. But one day the girl meets someone who helps her question what might happen if she no longer had to hide.

The Red Coat by Mona Yang encourages young readers to find joy in their differences as they join this young girl on her journey to self-acceptance. Together they'll find that the things that make them stand out are always worth celebrating.


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Book Description

After years spent hiding her face because she looks different, a little girl finds that what makes her different might be worth celebrating.

About the Author

Mona Yang is an author, a Hmong daughter, and a homebody. Originally from Tham Krabok, a refugee camp located in Thailand, Mona now lives in Minnesota, where she works her nine-to-five job during the day and writes at night. Mona first found her love for writing at the age of fifteen when she realized that, unlike the real world where there are limits, the worlds of imagination and creativity are boundless. Mona now uses her passion for storytelling to encourage and spread positivity to the world with her debut picture book The Red Coat.