Leaving Laos

Paperback, 5.5x8.5, 160 pages, English
by May Y. Yag
ISBN: 9781981229314

Through the ups and downs of life, whom do you count on the most? Twelve-year-old Blong does not have much, but he has his older sister Ka-Ying. Now, their world is suddenly and forever changed. Homes are abandoned. People disappear overnight. Any new friendship is temporary. The year is 1975, and South Vietnam has fallen to North Vietnam. The Vietnam War is finally over. In the neighboring country of Laos, the Royal Lao Army is defeated by the Communist Pathet Lao. That civil war, too, ends. American soldiers who were fighting in the Secret War in Laos are returning home to America. The Hmong, who were recruited by the CIA to fight in the Secret War, are now going to be persecuted and punished for helping the Americans. Blong, his sister, and their grandparents must find a way to escape from Laos. The Communist Pathet Lao is celebrating their victory, but already there are rumors of retribution against the Hmong.