Life's Lessons: Inspirations, Motivations and Wisdom

Paperback, 70 pages, 6x9, English
by Paul Her
ISBN: 978-1469190396
This collection of poetry is Paul Her's daring attempt to express his creative self--an artist who can play with powerful words in rhyme. It enfolds his musings about themes common to everyone and wraps up his feelings about life, love and everything that comes in between. Life's Lessons captures a variety of thoughts that are amusing to think about and to go through. Some of these are good memories; reflections of pain, joy, and freedom; a glimpse of friendship, family, and many more that will make readers smile and be inspired about so many things. This book brings insights and life lessons that they may find interesting and meaningful.
Paul Her, born Vang Pao Her is a new Poet. He lived in Lansing, Michigan for over twenty years, but now resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He graduated from Lansing Eastern High School and received his Bachelor’s Degree from Siena Heights University, Adrian, Michigan. In Tulsa, he is the Head Chef/Part-Owner of a respected Thai restaurant (Thai Village Cuisine). He prefers to pursue his profession as a Businessman, but prefer to transcend his passion as an artist. He is also an athlete, who loves sports with all his heart. He was an All State First Team soccer player in high school.