The Hmong Migration

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Paperback, 52 pages, 8x10, English
by Cy Thao
ISBN: 978-1-64410-002-8

The Hmong Migration is an epic visual history of the Hmong people starting from the myth of the birth of the world, tracing the Hmong origin 5,000 year ago, and how they finally ended up in Saint Paul, MN. Originally featured at the Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA) as part of their Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program (MAEP), these 50 original, full color, paintings by Cy Thao are a testament to the endurance and legacy of the Hmong people. 

Cy Thao is an artist, businessman, and political leader. His vision for The Hmong Migration is to educate the younger generation, to have some closure with the generation that went through the war, and hopefully to become a historical document for generations to come.