The Root and the Fruit: Hmong Identity

Paperback, 56 pages, 4.2x6.7, English
by Dr. Pao Saykao
ISBN: 0-9723624-5-2

Contents include:
Forward by Nicholas Tapp
Hmong Identity: Where to Start?
Written Information About Hmong History?
Learning From History
Maintaining Hmong Identity: So What Do We Need to Do?
The Future of the Hmong
In this inspirational essay, Dr. Pao Saykao outlines a concret plan for a Hmong life, one that can be lived by young and old alike, in the contemporary world. With tremendous passion, born of his own love for his people, Dr. Pao proposes that it is belonging and caring, rather than any fixed cultural traditions, that most make one Hmong. Through an informative review of the history of the Hmong in all parts of the world, and an overview of current situations in many countries, he describes his vision for a lasting Hmong identity, one in which the Hmong language and clan system are actively maintained at the same time that Hmong individuals seek greater and greater achievements in their respective societies. Dr. Pao's is not a simple prescription for keeping Hmong culture the same; rather it is a call to work hard to change the Hmong community "from the inside out" to make it a community that will stay healthy and viable long into the future. Most of all, Dr. Pao advocates that all generations work together through global cooperation to sustain a "Hmong Virtual Nation" that will protect and promote its members, insuring that Hmong will know who they are and where they belong no matter where they are on earth. This book is a must read for anyone who cares about Hmong identity.
                       -Louisa Schein, Associate Professor of Anthropology at Rutgers University