Dating, Sex & Marriage

Paperback, 88 pages, 7.6x10, English
by Paj Ntaub Voice
ISSN: 1530-7514

Content include:
Introduction by Mai Neng Moua; 
Letter from the Shore of the Dragon River by Soul Vang; 
Immunization by Soul Vang; 
Opium Poppy by Pacyinz Lyfoung; 
Tus Neeg Zoo by Maiker Vang-Vue; 
Dreams of a Forgotten Widow by Mayli Vang; 
Tsab Ntawv Xa Xov by Chueblong Vang; 
Phiaj Fab: A Hmong Love Song by Dr. Yang Dao; 
Illustration by Noukou Thao; 
Ritual by Mai Neng Moua; 
Hmong Poetic Chants by Mao J. Vang; 
Illustrations by Cy Thao; 
Kwv Txhiaj Ua Nyab by Sai Y. Vang; 
A Good Hmong Woman by True Hang; 
Hmoob Boy Meets Hmong Girl by Va-Megn Thoj; 
Blind Date Gone Hmong by Kao Yongvang; 
Recovering to the Hills by BC; 
Women and Independence by Song Yang; 
2000 by Noukou Thao; 
Pog Chob by Maily Vang, illustration by Cy Thao; 
Stone Flower by Kou Lor, illustration by Phong Vang; 
Another Night by Song Yang; 
Loneliness by Kou Lor; 
The Journey by Song Yang; 
they let me talk by Mai Neng Moua; 
Red Silk Ties by Mayli Vang; 
Phuam Puag Ntuj by Rwg Txajkim Yaaj; 
Ib Zag Ntxiv by Rwg Txajkim Yaaj; 
Scars by Sonja; 
Illustration by Cy Thao; 
In Passing by Naly Yang; 
Phantom Lover by Naly Yang; 
Neeb Thiab Xis Nkawv Txojkev Sib Hlub by Sai Y. Vang; 
Naked by Bryan Thao Worra, Hmong Venus by Cy Thao; 
The Color of My Skin by Ka Vang; 
Chino by Soul Vang; 
Twinkies by Ka Vang; 
Is the Beauty Queen a Real Woman? by Kao Yongvang; 
Writters at War by Bryan Thao Worra; 
Crystal Meth by Peter Yang; 
The Story of How I Thought Breasts Ruined My Life by May Lee; 
Ntuj No Lub Xyoo No by Dr. Kou Yang; 
Kuv Hlub Koj by Tommy Xiong, illustration by Phong Vang; 
Wb Lub Neej by Tou S. Xiong; 
txoj kev tu ncua by maiker vang-vue; 
Hmong! The CIA's Secret Army by Lee Vang and Jaime Meyer; 
His Smile by Ka Vang-Vue; 
A Dream of Laaj by Bryan Thao Worra; 
Contributions & bios; Paj Ntaub Voice staff; and 
Center for Hmong Arts & Talent - Who We Are