Gender and Identity

Paperback, 52 pages, 8.5x11, English and Hmong
by Paj Ntaub Voice

Content include:
Slices of a Hmong Knife by Kou Lor; 
Song from a Hmong Funeral In Three Movements by Kou Lor; 
Ntsib Koj Tim Tshav Pob by Laj Lim Hawj; 
Family Birds: Breaking the Cycle by Lee Lee; 
Running Away from Home by Pa Xiong; 
Men and Marriage by Mai Neng Moua; 
My White Lover by Mai Neng Moua; 
Hmong Women by Mayli Vang; 
Some Old Hmong Women by Mayli Vang; 
Untitled by Naly Yang; 
Chapter 1: The Storyteller by Noukou Thao; 
Community Profile: Cy Thao by Mai Neng Moua; 
Behind those Broken Crayons by Pa Xiong; 
War Games Near the Golden Triange by Noukou Thao; 
Condom Nations by Pa Xiong; 
My Dad the Mekong and Me the Mississippi by Peter Yang; 
Hmong Man I Am by Cy Thao; 
Hmong Man I Am Not by Peter Yang; 
Dab Neeg: Leej Txiv Mus Ua Kabntsig Lawm by Sai. Y. Vang; 
Kuv Txhiaj Ntshaw Ntshaw Txiv Es Thaum Tau Txiv Lawm Kom Hlub Hlub by Sai Y. Vang; 
Namtsev hab Nam Tsev Rwg Txajkim Yaaj; 
Ntxheb by Rwg Txajkim Yaaj; 
We Women of the Hmong Culture by Mayli Vang; 
Tub Txhais Hmoob by Long Xiong; 
To My Father Wherever You Are by Dai Thao; 
To My Son From Your Fallen Comrade by Dai Thao; 
Two Different Worlds: One Hmong by Dai Thao; 
Saying Good-bye to Mom by Yer Moua; and