A World Without Boundaries: A Story of Human Atrocities, Despair, Migration, and Interconnections

Paperback, 362 pages, 5.5x8.5, English
by Ge Xiong
ISBN: 978-1-63413-482-8

After the Hmong fled atrocities in southern China, they became trapped in a civil war in Laos and involved in an alliance with the United States, fighting against the Communists expansion in Indochina during the Vietnam War. The Hmong who sided with the United States in the war, however, faced unimaginable suffering.

In A World Without Boundaries, Ge Xiong weaves details of haunting and vivid accounts of the suffering of a people in a social and political culture that perpetuated nepotism, corruption, and wars, while fostering inequality among ethnicities, genders, and socio-economic castes.

This a story of acts of bloodshed, heartbreak, love, and sacrifice, and--above all--of a people who continue to endure many difficulties, yet strive to achieve a better life in an increasingly complex world after they have lost everything.

About the Author

Ge Xiong, a former teacher and Hmong refugee from Laos, arrived in Shabbona, Illinois, on January 17, 1979, at age 26, without a word of English. While working full-time, Xiong persistently endeavored to learn English. He now has a bachelor's degree in educational policy and community study from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. His community service and involvement are widely known in the Hmong community throughout Wisconsin.

Book Review

This was an excellent read! In this novel, the author describes every step and turn of his family’s migration journey during the long and endless Vietnam War. He expresses in great detail the experiences that his family and other Hmong people endured for decades during the war. His descriptions of the toll in the suffering, the sorrow, the violent bloodshed, and the tremendous loss of lives were despairingly overwhelming, yet exceptional. He also conveys a powerful image of the intense farm life and his struggle to survive as he and his family pursued their escape from the war. In the midst of all of this chaos, he still seeks every opportunity to get an education. The author also provides photographs of his families and friends for his readers. The pictures make it even more enjoyable to read.

Note to the author: Ge Xiong, I applaud you for your bravery and courage. Your motivation and dedication to get an education despite the war, and your struggles to survive, were beyond comprehension. Thank you for sharing your story.