Dear My Teacher: Letters of joy, pain and triumph from today’s teenage Hmong students

Edited and Compiled by: Pang Yang & Mike H. Vang

Paperback, 197 pages, 6x9, 2019
ISBN: 978-1-64410-004-2

"A book for you to discover inside the masks of Hmong-American teenagers' lives."
-Sydney Chang, Consultant & School Counselor 

Explore the world of today's Hmong teenage students through honest, sincere, and heartfelt letters to their teachers. Caught in between two worlds, their perspective is unique and necessary to understanding how education, race, and the Hmong experience intersects. At times, their words may be humorous and poignant, but all their stories are grounded in truth and empathy. "DEAR MY TEACHER" is crucial for fellow students, teachers, and anyone who knows a Hmong student.

This book was made possible by the Education Minnesota Foundation Classroom Grant: The Untold Story.