Folk Stories of the Hmong: People of Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam

Hardcover, 135 pages, 7.2x10.2, English
by Norma J. Livo and Dia Cha
ISBN: 978-0-87287-854-9

The first collection of authentic Hmong tales to be published commercially in the English language, this book focuses on 27 captivating tales including creation myths; how/why stories; and tales of love, magic, and fun. 

Contents inlcude the Hmong and their culture (history of the Hmong, traditional beliefs and customs, Hmong folk arts, cultural conflicts, preserving a cultural heritage), folk stories in the beginning, how/why folk stories, and folk stories of love, magic, and fun.
For teacher's guide, please see "Teaching With Folk Stories of the Hmong."