Haiv Neeg Hmoob Yog Leej Twg?

Paperback, 27 pages, 9x9, Hmong
by Dr. Kha Yang Xiong
ISBN: 978-1734245042


Txheej Txheem (Content):

  • Hmoob keeb kwm
  • Hmoob nyob qhov twg?
  • Hmoob Nplog Teb?
  • Lub Hmoob
  • Tsoos tsho thiab nyiaj kub
  • Xeem Hmoob
  • Tsev neeg
  • Kev ntseeg
  • Kab lis kev cai
  • Zaub mov
  • Hmoob thob ntiaj teb

Who are the Hmong people? Where are they from? What country has the largest population of Hmong? What language do they speak? Is it true that Hmong people will greet strangers as their brothers, sisters, aunts, or uncles? This book gives a general overview of the Hmong people. A brief history of the Hmong people, especially the Hmong from Laos will be reviewed. The book also discusses aspects about the Hmong people and their culture, including topics of language, clothing, clans, families, religion, traditions, and food.