Hmong & General Vang Pao: The Secret War in Laos, 1960-1975, Part 1 & 2

DVD, 2 Parts, 3 hours, Hmong
© 1997 by Hmongland and Yuepheng Xiong

Reproduced from the "Lao News," this DVD contains a two-part documentary of actual footage of the Laotian Civil War and the Secret War in Laos from 1959 to 1975.

In Part 1, you will see Lao King Sisavangvong, destruction of Vientiane by the Kong Le Coup, Kong Le in Vang Vieng as he was on his way to the Plain of Jars, the Hmong and Vang Pao in the early phase of the war, support from the United States, Tan Pop or Edgar Buell in Samthong, Dr. Charles Weldon, Touby Lyfong, the peace agreement of 1962, US Embassador to Laos, Laotian miilitary and political leaders, and more. 

In Part 2, you will see Hmong people in war torn Laos, Long Cheng, King Savangvathna, Souvana Phouma, General Vang Pao and others in Long Cheng, war, refugees, the peace agreement of 1973, and more.