Hmong History Storycloth 2

Hmong Embroidery/Paj Ntaub
Storycloth, 8'x4'
All hand-made

This is a Hmong history story cloth depicting five thousand years of Hmong history as they lived in China, migrating to Laos, fighting in the Secret War, escaping to Thailand by crosing the Mekong River, and coming to America. Hundreds and thousands of Hmong were killed by the Communist Lao soldiers and by drowning in the Mekong River. This very piece of Crossing the Meking story has been prohibited to be embroidered and sold in Communist Laos.

Hmong women are well known for their needleart skills, a tradition of over five thousand years old. Traditionally, embroidery such as this one was made for family use only. For the first time in history, Hmong embroidery in the form of story telling has been made available for the market since the early 1980s, and has travelled around the world, enjoyed by countless of people.

NOTE: This story cloth was individually made by hands; thus no two pieces look exactly identical. If this particular piece is no longer available when you order, we will try our best to find the closest match for you.