Hmong Picture Dictionary

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Paperback, 72 pages, 8.5x11
by Mao Amy Yang-Lee
ISBN: 978-1-60480-159-0

This Hmong Picture Dictionary addresses the need of the Hmong families to learn English as well as that of young Hmong to learn their heritage language. It was specially created for use in the Hmong home and in the educational setting. Hmong Picture Dictionary is designed to facilitate inter-generational communication, family relationship development and greater understanding of the Hmong culture through:

• English learning among first-generation Hmong people
• Hmong language learning among Hmong Americans
• Self-learning by non-Hmong to learn Hmong language

This valuable resource is more than a simple dictionary and also can be used teaching children and adults. It is an excellent resource for schools and libraries servicing 260,000 Hmong in the US.


About the author: Like many Hmong in the US, Mao Lee had to leave her homeland (Laos) with her family at the age of seven. From the refugee camp in Thailand, her family settled in the USA when she was 9 years old. Mao’s father was a teacher who could read and write before the war. He brought one book in Hmong from the refugee camp and he taught Mao Lee the Hmong language using pictures. When her father passed away, Mao and her siblings found many clippings of pictures for teaching the Hmong language and she has decided to make his life-long dream a reality in creating a resource to learn the Hmong language. Lee saw the gap in resource for non-Hmong speakers and created her own lessons to teach Hmong to her children and for communities. This resource has been developed over many years, and has been refined through extensive use to provide the most essential words for children. Mao Amy Yang-Lee is a licensed K-12 school counselor in Wisconsin and lives with two children and her husband.