Hmong Studies Journal, Vol 4

Paperback, 138 pages, 8.5x11, English
Volume 4, 2003-2004
by Hmong Studies Journal
Articles in the Volume include:
“The Hmong 'Dab Pog Couple' Story and its Significance in Arriving at anUnderstanding of Hmong Ritual” by Dia Cha
“Migration of Hmong to Rochester, Minnesota: Life in the Midwest” by CathleenJo Faruque
“Contradictions in Learning how to be Thai: A Case Study of a Young HmongWoman” by Tracy Pilar Johnson-Messenger
“Hmong Americans: A Review of Felt Needs, Problems, and Community Development” by Kou Yang
“Hmong of Germany: Preliminary Report on the Resettlement of Lao HmongRefugees in Germany” by Tou T. Yang