Hmong Studies Journal, Vol 6

Paperback, 282 pages, 8.5x11, English
Volume 6, 2005
by Hmong Studies Journal
Articles in the Volume include the following:
"Who is Hmong? Questions and Evidence from the U.S. Census" by Wayne Carroll and Victoria Udalova
"Hmong and Lao Refugee Women: Reflections of a Hmong-American WomanAnthropologist" by Dia Cha
"Hmong Resettlement in French Guiana" by Patrick F. Clarkin
"The Myth of Sonom, the Hmong King" by Robert Entenmann
"Hmong Cosmology: Proposed Model, Preliminary Insights" by Vincent K. Her
"The Shaping of Traditions: Agriculture and Hmong Society" by Gary Yia Lee
"What is the actual number of the (H)mong in the World" by Jacques Lemoine
"Hmong Refugee’s Death Fugue" by Sheng-mei Ma
"Continuing the promise: Recruiting and preparing Hmong-American educators forCentral Wisconsin" by Leslie McClain-Ruelle and Kao Xiong
"Southeast Asian Fathers’ Experiences with Adolescents: Challenges and Change" by Zha Blong Xiong and Daniel F. Detzner
"Research Notes from the Field: Tracing the Path of the Ancestors – A Visit to theHmong in China" by Kou Yang