Hmong Studies Journal, Volume 10, 2009-2010

Paperback, 293 pages, 8.5x11, English
Volume 10, 2009-2010
by Hmong Studies Journal
Articles in this volume include:

Gran Torino's Boys and Men with Guns: Hmong Perspectives by Louisa Schein and Va-Megn Thoj

From Miao to Miaozu - Alterity in the Formation of Modern Ethnic Groups by Zhiqiang Yang

Citation Analysis and Hmong Studies Publications: An Initial Examination by Nancy K. Herther

Searching for the Hmong People’s Ethnic Homeland and Multiple Dimensions of Transnational Longing: From the Viewpoint of the Hmong in Laos by Sangmi Lee

Hmong Political Involvement in St. Paul, Minnesota and Fresno, California by Yang Lor

Understanding Barriers to Prevention of ntshav qab zib/nsthaav qaab zib: A Hmong perspective by Miguel A. Perez and Chia Thao

Using Mammography Screening: Hmong Women’s Perceptions and Beliefs by Pang Vang


Commentary: Challenges and Complexity in the Re-Construction of Hmong History by Kou Yang

Photo Essay

A Photo Essay of the Hmong Experience at Wat Thamkrabok in Thailand by Pao Lor

Book Review

Book Review of The Latehomecomer by Lisa Dembouski