Hmong Studies Journal, Volume 11, 2010-11

Paperback, 225 pages, 8.5x11, English
Volume 11, 2010-11
by Hmong Studies Journal


Articles in this volume include:

The Hmong Come to Southern Laos: Local Responses and the Creation of Racialized Boundaries by Ian G. Baird

Acculturation Processes of Hmong in Eastern Wisconsin by John Kha Lee and Katherine Green

Access to Adequate Healthcare for Hmong Women: A Patient Navigation Program to Increase Pap Test Screening by Penny Lo, Dao Moua Fang, May Ying Ly, Susan Stewart, Serge Lee and Moon S. Chen Jr.

A Hmong Birth and Authoritative Knowledge: A Case Study of Choice, Control, and the Reproductive Consequences of Refugee Status in American Childbirth by Faith Nibbs

Parental Influences on Hmong University Students’ Success by Andrew J. Supple, Shuntay Z. McCoy and Yudan Wang

Gran Torino’s Hmong Lead Bee Vang on Film, Race, and Masculinity: Conversations with Louisa Schein, Spring 2010

Perspectives on Hmong Studies: Speech by Dr. Nicholas Tapp on Receiving the Eagle Award at the Third International Conference on Hmong Studies, Concordia University, Saint Paul, April 10, 2010

The Hmong and their Perceptions about Physical Disabilities: An Overview and Review of Selected Literature by Grace Hatmaker, Helda Pinzon-Perez, Xong Khang and Connie Cha

Photo Essay
Patterns of Change: Transitions in Hmong Textile Language by Geraldine Craig