Hmong Teacher Experiences: Voices from the Field

Paperback, 94 pages, 9x6, English
Edited by Ger Thao and Brian Xiong
ISBN: 978-1-64410-033-2

Teachers deserve our respect and admiration because nearly every one of us has a story about a teacher/mentor who made a difference, or left an everlasting footprint in our lives. We launched this anthology to share the inspiring stories and experiences of Hmong teachers and the impact many of them have HAD on their students and communities. We were moved to do this because too many do not have the platform to share their voices and stories, or have faded into the background of our public consciousness, causing many of us to take for granted the import­ant role teachers play in our lives. Our hope is that these stories will draw more committed and passionate Hmong students to the profession and remind those already in it that their work matters. Hopefully, the stories we collected will also serve as a reminder that good teaching matters and that our students deserve access to thoughtful, well prepared, and well-supported teachers.

Ger (Maiv Ntxawm) Thao has served as a Language & Culture Specialist at the Center for Southeast Asian Studies/Pacific Research Intern for the Pacific Islands Development Program at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa. She holds a MA in Education: Curriculum & Instruction, BA in Liberal Studies, and Multiple Subject teaching credential from CSU, Chico. Ger was a former elementary teacher/ELA Intervention Specialist in northern CA for eight years and Consultant for the Hmong Language & Cultural Enrichment Program in Madison, WI. She is the author of a bilingual children’s book titled The Hmong Journey (2018) and a Hmoob version Hmoob Txoj Kev Taug (2019). Her passion is working with educators to support schools in developing and implementing literature, curriculum, and professional developments that respect diverse populations, including multicultural, indigenous, Asian, and Pacific Island perspectives.

Brian V. Xiong is a Hmong scholar, researcher, and college multicultural affairs & student affairs professional. His research covers a wide variety of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary studies, including Multicultural, Race & Ethnic Studies; Gender & Sexuality Studies; Asian-American & Critical Hmong Studies; Counseling & Student Personnel; College Student Affairs & Multicultural Affairs; and Diversity, Inclusion & Social Justice in Higher Education. He is a former Page Scholar, Wallin Scholar, Cornwell Scholar, Diversity & Equity Fellow, and author of A Clan of Our Own: Coming Out Experiences of Gay Hmong Men (2019), A New Journey: Hmong College Student Experiences (2020), Puag Thaum Ub: Hmoob Xeem (2020), Martha L. Zimmerman Paj Ntaub Collection (2020), Ua Tsaug Kuv Niam (2021), and Sunrise Over Wat Thamkrabok: A Photographic Legacy of the Last Hmong American Refugees (2022).