Hmoob Txoj Kev Taug (Hmong Version)

Paperback, 33 pages, 7x10, Hmoob, 2018
Written by: Ger Thao
Illustrated by: Jessica Anderson

ISBN: 978-1-64410-010-3

Kuv pog, Vab Tsab, coj kuv mus pw thiab piav dab neeg rau kuv. Cov dab neeg nws piav yog txog peb cov neeg, cov Hmoob, uas yav dhau los. Nov yog nws zaj dab neeg: Hmoob Txoj Kev Taug.

HMOOB TXOJ KEV TAUG (Hmong Version) is a Hmong book written by Ger Thao and illustrated by Jessica Anderson. As the author describes it: “Growing up, I was never able to connect to any characters in children’s books. I felt like I did not have a voice because I was always the quiet Asian girl in the back of the room. As an educator, I see the lack, and the importance of Hmong children’s literature. The vision of Hmoob Txoj Kev Taug is to share and keep alive the rich culture, traditions, and history of the Hmong.