Jin and Bear's Adventure

Paperback, 50 pages, 8x10, 2023
Written by: Kalia Lee

ISBN: 978-1-64410-039-4

JIN AND BEAR’S ADVENTURE is inspired by Kalia Lee’s son’s curiosity and imagination through the lens of “ib leeg niam txob kev hlub qhia dab neeg” - a mother's love through storytelling. Jin received a gift of a simple teddy bear from his grandparents at the age of six months old. Like almost every infant and toddler, he became attached to the bear. Every imagination, every play, and every adventure he always brings his teddy bear with his mother. One day, Kalia decided to be a voice for the teddy bear in order to guide Jin through his learning. Kalia pretends that the bear is talking and asking questions while making new discoveries about the world. One day 'Bear' read a story about the solar system which lit the passion in Jin's curiosity about the stars. With Kalia’s own motherly creative instinct, she began to create, connect, and tell a story to Jin every night, based on the adventures that they encountered from their daily activities at home or in the community.

Kalia Lee is a mother of three beautiful children with a wonderful husband, Lee Xiong. Kalia has a master’s degree in Literacy Education from Hamline University with an emphasis on Multicultural Education. She also holds an Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) Primary Diploma from the Montessori Training Center of Minnesota. She was a Montessori Lead Guide for three years, teaching primary children from age 2.5 - 6 years and eventually continued her love for education by creating Hmong finger play songs and storytelling to inspire students around the world. Kalia hopes to continue to enrich and empower children's learning by bringing ethnic culture, language, and music through fun and creative learning experiences. In the education world, she is an advocate for early childhood education and believes in providing quality learning and investing in children’s futures.