Journey From Pha Dong: A Decision in the Hills

DVD, 65 min, Hmong & English
Hmong & English versions in one disc
by Hmongland and Yuepheng Xiong

Now available in DVD, containing both English and Hmong versions.

Originally produced by the CIA in 1967, this video documented the alliance between the Hmong led by General Vang Pao and the United States as they jointly fought against and contained the spread of Communism in Southeast Asia. The Hmong were directly financed and trained by the CIA, and this documentary shows precisely so. Hmong daily life, military training, battles, refugee, new year celebration, the king's visit to Long Cheng, Touby Lyfong, General Vang Pao, and much more were captured in this documentary. The famous T-28 fight pilot Lee Lue was also documented briefly in this video.