Los Peb Hnav Khaub Ncaws Hmoob

Paperback, 18 pages, 8x8, Hmong
by Chiamee Vang and David Yang
ISBN: 978-1-64410-038-7

LOS PEB HNAV KHAUB NCAWS HMOOB is a fun read-aloud book with details about Hmong clothing and the task of getting dressed up every Hmong New Year. This colorful title encourages young Hmong children to learn about the variety and types of Hmong clothes for all genders. The professional and colorfully shot photographs feature the beautiful colors and unique details of traditional Hmong clothing.

Chiamee Vang is a Hmong teacher from Fresno, California. She has taught elementary school, adult English language learners, and Sunday School. She likes to spend her time at church, reading, writing, and enjoying the outdoors with her husband, David Yang, and three children: Hnub Ntsais, Huaj Vam, and Yeej Koob.