Lyrics From My Life: Words to Soothe the Soul

Paperback, 91 pages, 9x6, English
by Paul Her
ISBN: 978-1-5434-5270-9

The words are from the heart of a once-shattered young man. This man did not stay bitter, nor did he let his tough experiences define him. The young man turned into a mature man who wants the world to understand the good and bad in life. Life is not just about celebration and success. Life is full of many different directions and outcomes. These written words will help the readers understand that the universe is interrelated. One element is dependent upon the other for a balance in life. Theres a saying that goes, The darkest hour of the night is before the rise of the sunlight. The words, both in his lyrics and poetry, are to help people find their light through the darkest time in their lives.