My Love, My Life: Mov Kua Dlis Rua Kuv Me Nplooj Sab

Paperback, 6x9, 121 pages, English
Edited and compiled by Pang Yang
ISBN: 978-1-64410-027-1

MY LOVE, MY LIFE: MOV KUA DLIS RUA KUV ME NPLOOJ SAB begins with a basic Hmong pre-wedding planning that gives readers a glimpse and deeper understanding of how Hmong traditional weddings begin. Next, it follows the stories of how the parents of the students at Park Center Senior High fell in love. This is a book written through the authentic lens of Hmong Minnesotan high school students. Although they may be young, the lessons they learned and their understanding of love is unparalleled. This title is made possible by an Education Minnesota Foundation classroom grant, The Untold Narrative 2, and Minnesota Legacy Cultural Grant, Finding Our Roots.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Pang Yang is the author of “The Cultural Dish: Behind Every Dish is a Story (2018),” “Dear My Teacher: Letters of Joy, Pain & Triumph from Todayʼs Teenage Hmong Students (2019),” “Hmong Youth Poetry Collections: From Mountains to 10,000 Lakes (2019),” and a chapter-author of “The Secret Sauce to Success: A New Journey (2020).” Pang holds a Master of Arts in ESL, a Bilingual/ESL Licensure and a Principal Administrative Licensure from Hamline University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Concordia University. Pang was named Minnesota Teacher of the Year Award from the Minnesota Council on the Teaching of Language and Cultures in 2019, and a finalist nominee of the 2020 Central State Teacher of the Year. Her research and teaching interests focus on Hmong American studentsʼ experiences K-12 educational system and Hmong language & literacy curriculum.